Youth for Forests and Planet

Children are the future stewards of forests and the environment. Just as we want rural smallholders to manage forests responsibly and to enhance economic development in their community, we build knowledge and skills among students that are needed to keep forests healthy and local communities productive and vibrant.

In addition, the more knowledge people have, the more they are likely to behave in an environmentally conscious way, through recycling, being energy efficient, growing trees, and conserving water. It is easier to instill this behavior from an early age; thus, working with children and youth is a key priority for DFE.

Our methods here are based on using hands-on and outdoor education where students get the opportunity to become engaged in real world issues beyond classroom walls.

We want to inspire students to take responsibility for improving the environment at their school, home and in their community. We also want to put a focus on trees and forests as classrooms.

Our methods include:

  • Teacher Training and Promotion of Eco Teacher Networks;
  • Development of Materials for Interactive Environmental Education (IEE);
  • Advocacy on local and national level to include IEE in local and national curricula;
  • Promotion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills through IEE;
    Promotion of green schools; and
  • Development of practical modules and activities in forest pedagogy.

By investing in the next generation through the promotion of interactive environmental education, we contribute to create responsible environmental citizens that will have the interest and skills to be problem solvers and advocates for forests and the planet.