DFE launches a Guide on Strategic Partnerships

DFE and four other Danish development NGOs have published a Guide to partnerships between NGOs and the private sector. The guide, which is in Danish, can be downloaded HERE free for everybody interested in collaboration and CSR partnerships with private sector companies.

The guide is a result of an inspiring collaboration process with Ghana Friendship, DIB, Forests of the World, SustainableEnergy, and a consultant from MiGrow. The project is financed by Global Focus.

The Guide shares advice on how mutually beneficiary partnerships and be initiated and sustained, in order to benefit economic and social development.

The guide is structured around three learning topics:

Development of the strategic partnership, business case and value creation.

The role distribution in the partnership between NGO and private sector company.

The internal communication in the partnership and the external communication of the concrete project to the public.

The topics are chosen as they are key elements in succeeding and creating good results in a strategy partnership. The guide shares valuable learning, reflections, experiences, and good advice from the project

participants, as well as external experts and resource persons. The guide can read from end to end, or used as a reference.

The launch of the Guide took place 7th of June, 2019, at the home page of Altinget.dk, as part of their special Partnership Theme.