Our why

Danish Forestry Extension promotes responsible forest management to combat climate change and create socio-economic development amongst communities in rural areas all over the world. It is inarguably true, that trees and forests are of vital importance to us all. We believe that forests play a vital role for the local and global societies. The world needs trees. 

Forests play an important part in our modern lives. We use wood for furniture, construction, central heating, paper, and much more. In forests we find recreational space, sophisticated ecosystems, and the world’s best instrument to sequester carbon. And forests provide not only wood for construction and furniture, they also secure an income and a basis for a living for a lot of people.

Around the globe, millions of smallholder farmers and small communities lack access to knowledge on how to manage their trees, how to organize, and how to gain market access for their forest products. This shortage of knowledge typically results in deforestation and land degradation. This is why we facilitate development initiatives around the globe to make our experience with forest management and community building available.

Our know-how about forest management is a forceful tool to safeguard the environment, protect the climate, and encourage farmers and locals to harvest socio-economic benefits from nature in a sustainable manner.

We work with local farmers towards a greener environment. Providing know-how and ressources for local farmers to secure their rights and livelihood, and a sustainable future.

Vision and Mission

DFE’s vision is to contribute to responsible forestry across the globe.

DFE’s mission is to use the professional knowledge of its Danish forestry association and make it available globally, for people who live in and from the forest, with the main objective to promote responsible forestry for the benefit of people and planet. 

The history of DFE

Danish Forestry Extension is the international department of Skovdyrkerne. Our parent organization unites more than 4,300 private forest owners. For more than 100 years, Skovdyrkerne have provided forestry extension services to Danish forest owners, helping them to organize to sell their wood and represent their interests.

Acknowledging that the same needs exist outside of Denmark, Danish Forestry Extension was established in 1995. The idea was to use decades of experience to make a difference abroad. Since then, we have focused on international development activities related to forest management and strengthening of local forest associations. Today, our expertise and international engagement has spread throughout the world and spans more than 25 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

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Policies and Finances

Below you will find DFE’s annual reports, financial statements, and relevant organizational policies.